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Why Pawan kalyan, Nagarjuna and Mohan babu family supported Modi?

Film actors like pawan kalyan, Nagarjuna, Shivaji, Manchu Lakshmi have seen supporting Narendra Modi in the recent times. Films and politics have always walked  hand in hand in the past 35 years. MGR and NTR have been highly successful by raising regional inequalities happened during the tenures of congress and grabbing powers in their respective states.  NTR went way ahead in this journey and stood his party in opposition stand in the parliament which is a rare feat for any regional party to achieve.

 The script has slightly changed in the current time due to the failure of Chiranjeevis political entry. Out of greedy ness , this man has entered the politics in the wrong time when YSR wave with the bread throwing schemes to poor was at its peak and he made further problem by splitting the anti YSR votes. 

Had he entered the politics now in 2014, surely he would have become the CHIEF MINISTER of Andhra Pradesh.  He did worsen his situation by multiple anti public acts and now he cannot even win as an MLA from any of the constituencies in Telugu states. 

The not much success of Actor Vijayakanth and Chiranjeevi had changed the mindset of film actors who could draw huge crowd to theatres but cannot repeat the same to pull them to polling booths in their favor. Now, the film actors have started supporting the winning parties rather than being in direct politics. This new concept has grabbed much attention after Mohan babu family, Nagarjuna , Pawan kalyan and many other telugu stars visiting modi just before elections and declared their support to him.

Mohan babu and his son coming out of Jail after meeting Jagan.

The very same family supporting the rivalry BJP.

 Interestingly, all these above mentioned actors were related to CONGRESS PARTY in the past. Mohan babu, directly supported YSR family in many occassions. Nagarjuna has many business transactions with YS Jagan and his business partner Nimmagadda Prasad. Nagarjuna even met Y.S.Jagan when he was in jail.

Nagarjuna is best known as supporter of congress and YSR. He even acted in promotional advertisement during 2009 elections for congress.

Pawan Kalyan has always been a follower of his brother Chiranjeevi and at every stage expressed his gratuity towards his brother and declared he would never do any thing against his brother but suddenly he opted the opposite side BJP.

 Then, how come all these folks turned their head towards BJP ????/

 Let's get in to the facts: 

 Now, that the Andhra Pradesh state has been bifurcated and the Telangana people have got their decades dream of Telangana state. The " Telangana rashtra samithi" party which agitated for the separation of Telangana state has gained much popularity and surverys have shown that TRS party would get majority of MLA seats and may grab the seat of ruling the Telangana state which includes the happy paradise Hyderabad.

 What is the problem if TRS party wins the election?

 Well, there lies the entire secret. The telugu film Industry has been under the control of four to five families who have settled in the industry by building studios in the government lands ( AP govt gave costly lands to few star actors and directors for largely less amount in order to develop film industry in HYD.

 These so called four five families have been controlling the entire film system in such a way that it is highly impossible for a new actor other than their family lads to get fame. Not just having control on the Tollywood film industry, in 15 years the film folks have started shaking hands with politicians and making money being benamis and business partners.

 It starts with Murali mohan (Jayabheri), Nagarjuna, Chiranjeevi and the list goes on. SO, all these rich filmy  folks have made lot of money and TRS and media claims that they have acquired lot of lands in and around the city through lobbying the governments. Few even have grabbed lands illegally and some does illegal activities in those lands.
Though they had being doing all this, they were safe until now as all these celebs take the support of Congress or TDP who ever gets the power to rule , but this smart act doesn't any more as the bifurcation of Telangana state has weakened TDP and the congress party  has less chances of winning majority seats. The Telangana agitation party " Telangana rashtra samithi" headed by K.Chandra sekhar rao has more chances to get in to the power.

1666 + acres of Ramoji film city land (some of it was illegally occupied ) and was offered at damn low price by TDP government.

 The TRS has attacked many celebs in the past and commented about their illegal occupying of lands in Telangana ( in and around Hyderabad) and ran many agitations. TRS party had earlier claimed that if the TG state dream turns true  they would pull off the lands from these Seemandhra big shots  who have claimed many lands illegally. The Ramoji film city ( one of the largest film studio in India) is always in the news about it extending it's outer walls beyond their legal boundaries and occupied hectares of land. Couple of Gram panchayats around the studio have complained the government about RFC not paying them taxes even though they are using the lands.

Similarly, Actor Nagarjuna who built Nagarjuna convention centre in the most costliest place of Hyderabad was in the news that he occupied the buffer zone of the lake which is illegal as per the Hyderabad revenue rules .  The below video by media talks about illegal acts of Nagarjuna clubbing with YSR the then chief minister of congress.

 The list goes on and doesnt end just with the actors but with many politicians of Seemandhra. Now the TRS party if comes in power will surely go for thorough investigation on these illegal activities and may even put them behind the bars as people to lure Telangana public and make them more senty about the regionalism.

 The section of hi-fi Seemandhra society is in the TRS phobia and planned to seek a political security.. The traditional political security of Congress and TDP is no more in Telangana region and even in central. Hence, the fraternity bent towards the messiah "MODI". 

 This first shocked the people when Mohan babu family met Modi , this family was very close to YSR family and even the elder son of Mohan babu got married to a cousin of Y.S.Jagan. They were always in the support of Y.S family. Suddenly they moved towards BJP knowing that YSR congress party made hardcore comments on MOdi and said they would never support them. 

The next was Mr. Nagarjuna who was very close to Y.S Jagan and also acted couple of promotional ads during 2009 elections for congress party. He met Modi in Gujarat just couple of months back and declared the support to him. This raised a doubt among the public that YSRCP may allign with BJP this time but the Chandra babu Naidu using his Political Tactics and old relation ship with NDA grabbed the hands of BJP.

 The TDP head Mr. CB Naidu had earlier commented that modi is a threat to nation and he would never ever join this communal party but finally he had to make a sudden move in order to protect his and his near and dear's assets in Hyderabad.  All is well for every one due to this smart connection, The TDP and YSR (through mohan babu family and Nagarjuna)found their protector in the form of Modi but all alone left was none other the Politically failed Mega start " Chiranjeevi". 

He opposed Telangana state and merged his party with congress and this made the huge Telangana public to turn against Chiranjeevi who have been admiring him since more than 2 decades and made his a super star. Due to this act, Chiranjeevi's son Ram charan Tej's movies faced trouble in running in Telangana regions.

 Then, the actual turn took place in the political situation of A.P. 

 The current no.1 Tollywood star Pawan Kalyan ( sharing with Mahesh babu) who has massive mass following has announced his party Janasena and entered politics.

 As it was too late to compete in elections with the common symbol, he concluded that he would not compete in elections but would support the good side. 

 He directly met Modi and announced his support to him. Though, his family doesn't gel well with TDP had to support TDP due to Narendra modi. He went along with Mr.Naidu and supported TDP and BJP alliance. The analysts say that all these tech tonic shifts by film stars is only to protect their family assets in Hyderabad from the TRS party. 

 The TRS party has already announced that once they come in to power they would take the revenge on Seemandhra rich folks who illegally grabbed Telangana lands. The fear of being victims of this revenge act of TRS, all are taking the shelter of Modi who is being showcased by media all over the India that he would be the next Prime minister. The plan of Seemandhra biggies is to declare Hyderabad as a Union Territory so that TRS would not have any control on the city and their assets would be safe. The TRS supporters comment that the main motive behind tilting towards modi is just to protect assets from HYD and reclaim the power on HYD city.


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