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Is United Andhra Pradesh better than Telangana for Telangana people


Telangana people have fought for more than 5 decades to get rid of the Andhra colonisation and finally the breather for Telangana was given by UPA-2 in order to retain their power in forth coming parliament elections. Whate
er, may be the reason behind the declaration of separate telangana state but the efforts, suicides and agitations of telangana people were truly fascinating and is an inspiration for many in the future.

Telangana is highly backward ( except for the city Hyderabad) and most of the youth do not have access tro quality undergraduate studies ( many mandals in the region didnt have degree colleges till 2008). Ranga reddy district which is part of the world famous IT hub Hyderabad didnt have the government degree college till 2008. Telangana hardly has the influential political leaders and business man ( except for P.V.Narsimha rao) the great Prime minister who is known for making effective changes in Indian economy during his tenure.

Thus, there was no way that Telangana could ever get their dream come true as there was no one who could care for this people. The one desperate man who was working for this dream was K.Chandra sekhar rao from TRS party. The only agenda of this party was bringing separate Telangana state. It happened for 10 years with so many agitations but no one expected that telangana would ever come.

Andhra politicians and business men were so rich and influential that they can go far any extent to stop the process of separate state any given time. It happened so when NDA government in central tried to introduce the bill in their tenure but the powerful TDP stopped it with it's little finger.


Let's keep all this highs and lows of two sides, A stronger side always dominates the weaker side in the nature. Hence, we do not have to discuss the old story again.

The purpose of this article is to showcase the upcoming issues of Telangana in the light of political parties declaring too many impossible things in manifesto in order to gain the power of the newly formed state.

It was TDP head N.Chandra babu naidu who announced that he would make a Back ward caste candidate as chiefminister if his party gets the majority seats in Assembly. Very next moment, the congress went a step further declaring that it would make an Scheduled caste person the chief minister if congress comes to the rule. This made TRS party to make a better announcement in the public in order to get votes. All that they have is the only party which fought for Telangana state but it doesnt have much ground level cadre to convert all the sympathy to votes.

TRS party head K.Chandra sekhar rao who is considered as master mind in politics started moves in order to strengthen his party by seeking alliance with BJP, as a magnificent wave is across the country in the form of Narendra modi the PM candidate of BJP also touched Telangana youth.  Till the last moment KCR tried for the alliance with BJP but the senior master mind and his counter part of Telugu desam party N.Chandra babu naidu with his relation ship with earlier NDA and BJP senior leader Venkaiah naidu made sure BJP ties with TDP in both Telangan and Andhra Pradesh. This made TRS a sole party in Telangana as it cannot go with congress in the state as congress is all set to get atleast 30 MLA seats in Telangana and this would make a situation where in TRS has to share the power with congress. 

TRS faced mixed responses from public in election campaign but surveys revealed that TRS would only get 40 to 45 % of seats and Congress would also get close to 30 % and the rest would be claimed by the TDP-BJP alliance. The more troubling situation is that significant number of MP seats would be won by TDP-BJP alliance due to the modi wave. This was proved when Modi started campaigns in Telangana region and huge public gathered to attend his meetings every where despite of BJP joining with anti Telangana Telugu desam party. This made TRS red faced and the master mind KCR started planning in order to get votes of certain sections of the society.

In order to overcome this situation, TRS announced 12% reservation for muslims and showed interest in joining hands with MIM in order to get all the muslim votes.

*12% reservation to muslims is highly impossible and this needed changes in constitution.
Currently 4% reservation exists for muslims in the state and extending it to 12% is an injustice to other sections of the society.

nNow guess what would happen if a communal party like MIM gets atleast 8 MLA seats ( surveys show that they have the chances of getting 7 for sure in hyderabad and can play crucial role in Nizamabad as well). Then, TRS surely needs MIM help to form the government and in order to gain the support of Muslim vote bank if TRS offers home ministry to this communal party member ( REMEMBER , OWAISI'S HATRED SPEECH OF KILLING ALL HINDUS IN 10 MINUTES IF HE CAN CONTROL POLICE FOR 10 MINUTES) the brand value of the Hyderabad city would just diminish in short time.  The multi national companies would stop coming in and prefer the neighbour baby capital of Andha which also would have tax eception as per the central government for 10 years.

This post is a pure analysis based on current political situation as this is the right time for the people to chose right parties to have a peaceful state.

Therefore, TRS must think on their move in attracting MIM votes and rather prefer relying on development issues.

The another reason which is clearly seen is lack of leadership in Telangana state:

Telangana which was part of Andhra pradesh was always been under the rule of Seemandhra rulers. Telangana ministers worked as chief ministers for less than 10 years in 6 decades of time. That shows that the leadership has not been an easy task for Telangana. Even now the congress party has picked their PCC president in Telangana as Ponnala Laxmaiah who doesnt have much experience and also he is involved in coupe of huge scams related to water projects.

The minister for irrigation for united AP involved in  Rs.1000 crs+ of scams as per media and opposition parties. The water projects worth more than 1 lakh core were started in his era and nothing has finished yet.

FThe election campaigns of Telangana congress were hopeless and finally they had to ask Sonia and Rahul to adress public almost 6 times in just 2 weeks.

The TDP is more worst in this case as they do not have a big charismatic leader who can draw votes and they too had to depend on their head Chandra babu naidu from Andhra and Film actor Pawan kalyan.

The influence of Andhra people in Telangana government like how Jews influence American

TThe Andhra educated people are well settled in Hyderabad and Telangana region and they hold many government official posts in Telangana and there fore can influence the decisions and the implementation of schemes would harm Andhra like the water projects,  more water projects in Telangana can harm Seemandhra badly as two rivers flow from TG to Andhra. They can also play major role in employment and in many areas they can.


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