Sunday, 15 December 2013

Seemandhra's new capital city at Ongole

 What is Seemandhra's new capital?  this has been a part of every discussions in the state from couple of months. Sources say that Ongole has been finally selected as capital city of Seemandhra.

It is being observed as per media news that many politicians are busy in  buying lands in Ongole after indications from Centre that it will be made the capital of new Andhra state.

People in the state are still confused  about the capital city of bifurcated Andhra region. As the option of Rayal Telangana has been spoiled by central governmnt, the Kurnool ( which was the first capital of Andhra state) would be in the race too. There are so many well developed and densely populated towns in Seemandhra region like Guntur, Vijayawada, Tirupathi, Vizag but all these cities have their own reasons for not being picked for the capital city.

Why not Vijayawada and Guntur?

The ideal option for the capital city for Seemandhra would be the area between Guntur and Vijaywada towns as they are adjacent to each other and are already well developed. Vijayawada has one of largest railway junction in the country and guntur has been one of the education hub in south india. Surprisingly, Guntur has more educational institutuions than any district in Andhra pradesh. Though there are many advantages, this area is not being considered as there is not of much government land available to build the capital city between these two cities and also caste based politics too is criteria which would stand as objection for other region people. One of top community of the state has large % of population in these two districts and can dominate the admistration block if this area is declared as capital city.
As per the central govt reports of 2011, these two are in the list of 6 well developed districts of Andhra pradesh.Hence, other district leaders may oppose chosing this as capital claiming that their areas specially Ananthapur at south, Srikakulam and Vijayanagaram at north are backwarded and would push them further backwards by ignoring them.

Why not Tirupathi?

Tirupathi being one of the well developed city of Rayalaseema cannot be considered as capital mainly due to its religious importance. It gained popularity and attracted crowd only due to it's holyness and religious sentiments would hurt if it is considered as capital city and make it free zone of all. one of the recent example would be the  Islamic educational institution issue . The college being constructed near foot hill of Tirupathi was stopped due to the disapproval of it's construction because of agitations made by religious authorities. There would be hell lot of objections in the development and making it admistration centre due to it's religious importance. There are even demands to make it restricted area of other religion people like Meccah and Vatican.

Why not Visakhapatnam?

Visakhapatnam is Key area for Indian Navy at the east coast and due to it's importance most of the bay area is under the control of Indian navy. Hence, land acquisition would be a major problem. due to the influence of navy and it's security restrictions the local politicians cannot make enough money illegally if this place is chosen as it's capital city. Thus, this area is totally ignored by state officials.

Why not Cuddapah?

Cudapah district was enough developed during the tenure of YS.Reddy. He was good at selfishly bringing investments through encouraging few industries by providing them land and relaxations. This town can be considered but only because of the heavy domination of YS.Jagan mohan reddy in this town and the crime record of local politicians as well as one of the top community domination would be pointed out as objections for considering this as capital city by other districts.

Hence, the only left over area which would be near to both Rayalaseema and Andhra would be the Ongole city wherin one of the top community of Andhra region has enough grip on this area and also there is plenty of free land available to build the city and also to fill their own pockets.

Sources in to the Congress party indicating that central is planning to make Ongole as new capital. Speculation is also rife that some congress leaders and media houses have even bought prime land in Ongole. The ground report suggests that there's a real estate boom in Ongole with steep increase in land prices.

Recently, TDP politician Mr. Kottakota Dayakar Reddy in a media discussion openly said that Centre had purchased 600 acres of land in Ongole at a very cheaper price.


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